Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crown Room represents!

The Crown Room in Portland's Old Town/Chinatown District is home to many great events spanning from Dubstep & Drum & Bass to Club, Rap, & Hip Hop, with a sound system and dance floor to accommodate all types of booming bass!

Doing the booking for Portland's Crown Room is DJ/Producer Tyler Sammons aka Tyler Tastemaker, with an open mind, great taste in music, and a sensibility to handle the business as well as party with the crew. Tyler has supported + helped spawn the many great parties you may well already attend at The Crown, such as Massive, Club Crooks, Ante Up Raw, See You next Tuesday, Imperial, Jig-A-Lin, Bubblin, and more. Tyler was also responsible for and oversaw the recent renovation at the club, as well as adding new lighting for an overall near to perfect club experience.

The bartenders and security are some of the coolest and professional in the city, and the owners are always amongst the crowd enjoying themselves on any given night.

Crown Room, Tyler, and the staff supports Club Crooks, plus giving PDX what they need for diverse events and exclusive NW DJ/Artist shows. For that, we give them our utmost respect and props!!

Check out the new website, complete with schedules of shows, music, and club info

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