Thursday, April 15, 2010

Emocrunk: The XX versions w/ DJ Izm

Heyo.. DJ Izm here posting up some indie-ish dance-ish mixes Ive worked on over the past couple months. Ive been using a Macbook Pro with Ableton Live8 and an Akai LPD8 to do these songs.

Instantly falling in love with The XX when I first heard them, I had a vision of dance versions for multiple songs off the CD, I chose Stars and did an uptempo Clubby, Bali Funk, Hip Hop style remix of the quite solemn and chilled out original, using the intro drum loop to 50 Cent's Just a little Bit. Some people say it doesn't work with the song, but I just cant take it out, I like it.

I also did a tripped out version of The XX's Heart Skipped a Beat which Ive got great feedback on.. I stayed with almost the original vibe of the song, kicked it up a notch and drove it into flavor country with some serious chopping,rolling, and editing over a Hip Hop drum loop.

finally on Desperate But Not Serious, I took Adam and the Ants classic 80s song and turned it into a bumpin dance joint utilizing the hypnotic and catchy horns from the original version.

Heart Skipped a Beat (Izm's version) - The XX by jeffizm

Stars (Izm's ruff dance edit) -The XX by jeffizm

Desperate but not Serious - Izm's Edit by jeffizm

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